The Horror Syndicate’s Horror Film Hall of Fame

I am proud to introduce, a new up-coming segment.  Soon we will begin the Horror Syndicate’s exclusive Horror Hall of Fame.  I know we are a new site, but we are growing and the entire Syndicate is excited to bring you more!

Every month, we will induct a new horror film into our Hall of Fame.  The Syndicate will vote on five movies a month and the winner goes in to our Hall of Fame.  Twelve movie a year and if that seems like a lot, think about how many horror films exist.

I cannot reveal what films are being considered right now, but at the beginning of every month, we will list the films being considered.
You can chime in and let us know what should be in our Horror Hall of Fame and we will take it into consideration.

Thank you to all of our followers and stay tuned!

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I am a lifelong horror fan. I have written for a few web sites, Kung-Fu Comrades, Nightfall Unlimited and Rage of Rayzor.

Freddy’s Revenge was the first Horror Film I watched, I was 5. When my mom found out I liked horror films, she began challenging me. Soon to follow were the likes of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Dawn of the Dead.
Horror is in my blood, I want to share that with you…my blood…horror.

I write unpublished comics. Lifelong dream is to write comics for a major comic book publisher or build my own comic book company.