Behind The Scenes: 100 Acres Of Hell


Last year, I was able to attend the teaser shoot for 100 Acres of Hell. Thanks to my good friends Ed McKeever and Jason Koerner ,the executive producers of Walking Dead Films LLC. Ed McKeever, one of the first people to welcome me to South Jersey’s independent horror scene, McKeever explained to me that him and his team from the Walking Dead Films LLC were planning pre-production for their passion project that had been in the making for 5 years. The original concept was created by director, Kevin Orosz, and would originally be named Manhunt. McKeever explained to me the premise without spoilers, and gave me confidence that this was something that will take off because he and his team have the dedication for Manhunt to be a success. imageMcKeever and Koerner befriended Gene Snisky (WWE) and director Jay Lee ( Zombie Strippers) also co-starring Ernie O’Donnell (CLERKS) and Eileen Dietz (The Exorcist).The idea was sold for Snisky to star in a breakout leading role directed by Mr. Lee. With script kept as a secret I had no idea what I was in store for.

Last year, I was scooped up by Ed McKeever as well as his long time friend Eric Howey to go to Orwigsburg PA, hometown of Gene Snisky to embark on a 4 day film shoot. At the time, I was an editor for The Horror Scene so I brought my camera and laptop to film and edit a behind the scenes look at Manhunt. imageDuring the ride, McKeever explained to me that Manhunt was no longer the title of the movie as well as discussing favorite movies, ideas and stories. When we made it to Gene Snisky’s house, Snisky and his wife Diahann were extremely hospital and served us pizza and not a moment later I got to meet the rest of the crew as well as Mr. Lee. imageAfter an hour we all split up and were off to get to locations, pick up actors, grab supplies and shoot a teaser. The trip was a lot of fun hanging out with the crew, shooting footage and even talking to Jay Lee about his past movies and movies that he was fond and inspired him as a director. Ed McKeever was extremely hospitable providing transportation, room and board, everyone was pretty awesome especially when the crew took me to Cabellas and I got to hold an AR-15 (whoops). Shooting the footage for 100 Acres of Hell was a great time and I’m pretty stoked for Ed, Jason, Snisky, Lee and the entire Walking Dead Films team. CHECK OUT 100 ACRES OF HELL FACEBOOK PAGE!!

100 Acres of Hell has finished up production but still needs your help. The Indie GoGo site which is to CLICK HERE. 100 ACRES OF HELL has a ton of perks. The Walking Dead Films team is extremely passionate about independent horror and they know how to make a great movie. So check out the Behind the scenes look for 100 Acres of Hell and also check out the Indie GoGo page and support independent horror!

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