Happy Birthday Lucio Fulci

I think it is safe to say, the bulk of the Horror Syndicate are big Fulci fans.  I am a newer fan.  Years ago, I did see Zombi and City of the Living Dead and immediately added both to my horror collection.  But thanks to Hulu and last year’s 31 Days of Horror at my other site, Rage of Rayzor, I was introduced to the Beyond.  It has quickly become my favorite of the Fulci films that I have seen over the past 9 months.  His films have brought me into an entirely different horror arena, Italian horror and Giallo horror.

If still alive, Fulci would be 89 today, but sadly he was lost in 1996…but through his films, Fulci lives.

Happy Birthday to the Godfather of Gore and a true horror master!





Here a list of some of his credits as a director, he was also a gifted writer.



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