20 Years of Peter Jackson’s The Frighteners

Sometimes I feel like the Frighteners gets over looked.  I don’t know if it is a horror movie or a movie with horror elements.  It doesn’t matter.  The Frighteners is a lot of fun.  Michael J. Fox stars in a film that does not seem like something he would be a part of, but he is great.  He plays architect Frank Bannister who’s wife dies and gained the power to see ghosts.  So now he scams people with the help of a couple of ghosts who he befriended.

Peter Jackson, yes from Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit wrote and directed the Frighteners and to me, it is one of his very best.  There is not much in his catalog of films that are bad.  I was surprised to see the cast list, Dee Wallace and Jeffery Combs, yeah horror heavy weights.

Let’s pull this out of the ole DVD collection and watch.  It is a fun movie and if you missed this over the last 20 year, shame on you.






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