An American Werewolf in London 35 Years Later

August 21, 1981

An American Werewolf in London…It has now been out for 35 years and to me, this movie is tops when it comes to the werewolf sub-genre.  In 1981, there must have been something in the air.  Werewolf movies were in, An American Werewolf in London, The Howling and Wolfen all released in 1981.

Without going full “review”, the story is kind of  a mind trip.  I love they used a different approach and it was all about the tortured werewolf curse.  The effects are some of the best for the time period, the transformation scene is easily the best of any werewolf movie.  The characters are likeable, which always makes the story work.  Watching Jack decompose throughout the movie is a great and I love how he tells David, the werewolf, as long as the bloodline of the werewolf that attacked them survives, everyone he kills is stuck in limbo or living death.

Great movie I think everyone should see.  Where does it belong in the grand scheme of horror?  Does it have a place in the Top 100?  We will find out in October.

On a side note, my brother in-law loves this movie so much, he and his bride danced their first dance to…Van Morrison’s “Moondance”.





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