Bloody Streaming Roulette: Re-Kill (2015)

As with any game, there are winners and there are losers. Last week I gambled, watched and reviewed Darling. Which to me, overall it was an okay film. But would I actually watch it again? NO. I felt I was truly on the losing end of the roulette wheel. It was just an artsy dud of a movie to me. So I can only hope my luck can turn its head from the mediocre offering last week. Fingers crossed….

Let’s spin the wheel Syndicate!


So let’s see where we land this week?


Re-Kill (2015)

It’s kind of a corny title for a film if you ask me. But let’s put that bullshit to rest real quickly. The film takes place 5 years after a radiated virus causes a zombie outbreak. The script never comes right out and calls them zombies though. The recently deceased are referred to as re-ans. A clever nickname for re-animates. The re-an problem has been controlled, but not eliminated. Life has returned somewhat back to normal. Though constant reminders loom of a possible resurgence of chaos. The re-ans died once. But they all must be… re-killed.

So this appears to be another zombie flick from the just recently popularized and now completely over populated horror sub-genre. One where rabid zombies relentlessly attack the living. It’s shot POV style, but from the viewpoint of someone watching TV. Point of view films have been done to death since the closing years of the 20th century. I know. I know…. Enough with the POV already.

Scott Adkins: Professional Badass
Scott Adkins: Professional Badass

But the POV camera work in this film however, was done quite cleverly. They even broke the moments of dread up with faux commercials of the new world. Ones that would entice the populace to take medication that could potentially fight the deadly virus if ever infected. Other commercials endorse sex, paid for by the ‘Coalition to Re-Populate America’ campaign. At times, I was reminded of the propaganda pieces and commercials from Paul Verhoeven’s Starship Troopers (1997).

This movie was quite an unexpected treat. The special effects were perfect bloody eye candy. The ending was brooding and left itself wide open for a sequel. The film was tight and well cut, clocking in at almost 90 minutes. Watching this movie though, there were times it felt like I was watching a normal ‘ol reality TV show, one which you would watch on any given night. BUT TOTALLY FUCKING BADASS!


Although it was clearly in the horror section of Netflix, it felt more like an action flick, by way of the Resident Evil franchise. But the core elements were tense and frigid, way more than enough for me as a fan to say, its horror. This was a fun and very creative film. Even though the POV was hard to get through at times, those moments were so few and far between that it doesn’t annoy too much..

Did my gamble pay off?

netflix roulette



Check back next Friday to see where the roulette ball will drop!

IMDB: 5.1/10 (too low)

ZombiSurvivor: 6.8/10

Re-Kill is currently streaming on Netflix!


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