Review: Tucker and Dale vs Evil (2010)

This movie completely floored me, I rented it looking for a cheap laugh, I was expecting a cheesy low production of an Evil Dead Parody.  What I got was a well-timed, horror comedy. This is one of those movies that is so rare, that nods at horror conventions without feeling like you can guess the next move of every character.  I thought that the acting was great, the character varied from stereo-typical college kids (as they were intended to come off as) and Tucker and Dale both came off as well-rounded and lovable. To be warned, this is more comedy than horror, but horror fans will get the most out of the movie.

The basic story is Tucker and Dale are two hill billies (I believe that is the correct term, as they don’t actually say much about their back ground), they look like the stereo-type, and really act like someone from the country might act, they meet (in several small situations) a group of rowdy college student going out to camp and get crazy. Well, crazy is what happens after a chance accident sends both groups into a series of miss understandings. That concludes the non-spoiler part of this review.

Spoilers beyond this point!

It is always hard to consider what people consider spoilers, so that is why I err on the safe side. Nothing is worse than getting jazzed about a movie, and then reading a review that completely burns away the surprise factor. Hell, part of the reason that I am writing this explanation is just to give a buffer for people not to glance and see the spoiler section, even though I am not going into too many spoilers on this film.

I loved every part of this film because it felt fresh, really you could guess what would happen next, and you knew the basic story and how it would turn out. But, I felt like that was the natural progression of the movie, not the director playing it safe. I think that Tucker and Dale represent country folk well, they are not dumb, they don’t have any habit that is terrible. They are just a couple of guys that live in a culture that does not make them dress in the latest fashion. At the end of the movie, other that some minor changes, they are still the same guys. Nothing is more insulting than having a character that represents a cultural minority, to then change sides when they establish that they are the good guys. That really made burned me in the movie The Faculty (although, the movie as a whole was good.)


Anyway, I thought that the college kids could have been fleshed out a little more, but then again, all of them except for Allison and… … Chad? (I can’t remember if that was his name, and IMDB pics are not helping me) are meant to be fodder anyway. Even for what they were each of the more generic kids had a personality, just not much of one. Also, for the little the sheriff is in the movie, he is a great character, but not much to say on him.

I could keep going on about this movie, it just caught me so off guard, but I think that is enough for now. I would love to hear some of you opinions.


Normally, this is where I would stick the mistakes the characters made, but the movie did a great job of describing the mistakes and choices of each character. In some ways this movie represent exactly the awareness that one gains as a horror fan.

My Rating – 10 out of 10

My suggestion : Buy


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