ABCs of Horror: G is for Ghoulies (1985)


So, you’re back for another lesson?  Today’s lesson, Ghoulies!

Ghoulies is a 1985 horror movie about little creepy monsters who reside in this house.  It begins with, I guess Jonathan’s father doing a ritual and being defeated and someone escapes with the baby.  Later, Jonathan inherits his family house and finds all of his father’s occult, stuff.  He has a party and invites his crazy friends and when they cannot figure out what to do next, he suggests doing a ritual.  He has been reading a book left behind by his father.  After the ceremony we see the Ghoulies, these little monsters.

His powers grow and he eventually has glowing green eyes.  He uses his friends and has some kind of “sun glasses” party and preforms another ritual.  The ritual resurrects his father.  Then there are these dwarfs who help out…strange.

The Ghoulies are these little puppets that can barely move.  They are creepy and tiny and dangerous.

The movie is slow and really not good.  The actors are blah and pretty much 1980s cliches.  The story is very flimsy and really, I think this movie could have been better and now could be a time to remake it.  I am surprised there are three sequels.  I will say one thing, Ghoulies 2 is far better.  I do like the Gothic tones and setting of the movie.  The house is a classic haunted house and plucked right from a Halloween movie and I don’t mean Michael Myers.

Would I suggest Ghoulies, sure.  It is a silly fun movie and the sequel is even more fun.  I have never sat down and watched the other two.  I don’t know that these movies could ever scare anyone.  I remember seeing Ghoulies when I was 5 or 6 years old and tried watching it again when I was 24. and turned it off.  But now, seeing it again, it is like a kids horror movie, like R.L. Stine’s Goosebumps, with a kill count. has a rating of 4.0

I would give it at least a 5.0

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