ABCs of Horror: H is for The Hunted (2013)


I know what you’re thinking. In a horror alphabet, why is H not for Halloween? Well, in any other case it probably would be, but not this time around. If you’ve been keeping up with The Horror Syndicate, you might know that during this festive month of October, we’re doing the ABC’s of Horror articles, where a mini review of a horror film that starts with a letter is posted each day… and since there are only 26 letters in the alphabet, and 31 days of the month, The Syndicate will be posting reviews of Halloween themed movies for the last 5 days. Obviously, Halloween has to be included in that.

“But Morgan, there are eight other Halloween movies that y’all don’t plan on writing about, so why not pick one of those?”

1e0a92Good question, Bob. The answer is simple. We’ve all seen those, and even if you haven’t, you know that they exist! Which is why I decided to write about The Hunted; because it’s not widely known. So, how did I hear about it? Well, The Hunted is written, directed, produced by, and starring Josh Stewart, who the horror community may know as Arkin from The Collector, and The Collection. I am a HUGE fan of those movies, and they made me love Josh Stewart, so obviously I follow him on twitter, where he obviously promoted his movie, The Hunted.

The Hunted is a found footage film, about two friends who hope to soon have their own hunting show. They plan to go after a buck with a reputation in order to have a great pilot that will ensure the show gets picked up….but like in most horror movies, things don’t go their way, as they start to experience strange occurrences in the woods.

Upon watching the film for the first time, I found that it reminded me of a cross between The Blair Witch Project, and the La Llorona legend. My opinion may be a little biased due to my love of Josh Stewart, but dare I say I might even like The Hunted more than The Blair Witch Project. I feel like The Hunted has more spooky stuff going on than in BWP. Although, it’s not like I watched the two back to back, or either of them recently, so my mind may be forgetting some details about both.

Nevertheless,if you’re into found footage movies, I urge you to give The Hunted a chance. It’s the perfect freaky flick to add to your halloween season watchlist.

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I’m just your average college student who spends too much time watching movies, but I have a good excuse! I want to make my own movies someday, so really it’s like I’m studying, right? Every October, if there was a Halloween movie airing, then it was on our tv, and those didn’t terrify me. I never saw any of the Halloween films in full until later, though. The first full horror movie I watched was Jeepers Creepers when I was around 10, and the first one I watched alone was the Prom Night remake. From then on out, I didn’t stop watching them. Movies about ghosts/demons and aliens are what scare me most. Probably more so the latter. That alien segment in V/H/S 2 ,and Dark Skies are scary as hell man.