ABCs of Horror: P is for Phenomena



Phenomena is a Giallo film directed by Dario Argento and starring, in her first big role after Once Upon a Time in America, Jennifer Connelly.image Phenomena came out in 1985 with a budget of $38 million. In America, it was produced by New Line Cinema. The American title for this film was called Creepers and was cut heavily over 20 minutes from the original film.


The story takes place in the Swiss countryside. Jennifer Corvino, played by Jennifer Connelly, arrives at the Swiss Richard Wagner Academy for Girls. Jennifer witnesses a student being murdered and blacks out causing her to wake up not knowing where she is and lost in the woods. imageForensic enytomologist John Macgregor, played by Donald Pleasance, and his chimpanzee, Tanga, find her and discover that she has the ability to control insects using telepathy and trains her into using the insects to find the killerimage

Phenomen, in my opinion had the best Goblin score out of the collaborations with Dario Argento. The opera/metal score is accompanied by songs from Iron Maiden and Motorhead as well as Bill Wyman and soprano vocalist, Pina Magri, and Andi Sexgang. Songs for the movie but were never in the final product was Transmutate by Frankie Goes to Hollywood and Bill Wyman’s Valley Bolero.

Despite Phenomena’s success was undermined by Dario Argento’s much more popular movies such as “Profondo Rosso , Suspiria, Inferno, and Opera” Phenomena holds a 75% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Phenomena also inspired the hit survival horror 90”s video game Clock Tower. Also, fun fact, Tango “the chimp” bit off Connelly’s finger on set in which Jennifer was immediately taken to the hospital to get her finger reattached.


Synapse Films just released the news that there will be a 3 disc, Steel Book of Phenomena including all cuts (Original 116 minute, US 110 minute, and the New Line Cinema cut “Creepers” which is 20 minutes shorter of the final product. From

“THREE differents cut of PHENOMENA, all available in high-definition for the first time ever in one collector’s edition package!
Audio Commentary Track on PHENOMENA (110 Version) from Argento scholar and author, Derek Botelho and film historian, journalist and radio/television commentator, David Del Valle
Two completely different sound mix options on PHENOMENA (110 Version), including the original 2.0 stereo mix, along with a rare alternate mix containing different sound effects and music cues.
English/Italian Hybrid Audio and Complete Italian Audio Options for PHENOMENA (116 Version)
DARIO ARGENTO’S WORLD OF HORROR – Documentary. A fascinating look at the early films of director Dario Argento, including PHENOMENA, SUSPIRIA, DEMONS, DAWN OF THE DEAD, INFERNO and many more! Containing candid interviews and awesome behind-the-scenes footage, DARIO ARGENTO’S WORLD OF HORROR gives us a look into the mind of Italy’s Master of Horror and is an essential viewing experience for all Argento fans.
Interview with Andi Sex Gang
PHENOMENA – International Theatrical Trailer
CREEPERS – U.S. Theatrical Trailer & Radio Spots
Optional English Subtitles for the Deaf and Hard for Hearing on PHENOMENA (110 Version and CREEPERS Version)
Multiple optional subtitle selections on PHENOMENA (116 Version), including one for just the foreign English language segments of the hybrid version, complete English subtitles for the entire feature, and complete English subtitles for the Italian version of the film.
“EXCLUSIVE” Synapse Films PHENOMENA CD Soundtrack – This original motion picture soundtrack contains the complete 16 track Goblin instrumental score for PHENOMENA, along with four additional music tracks from Andi Sex Gang and Simon Boswell. This CD, exclusively available from Synapse Films, is the first time these music tracks have been included on the same CD compilation




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