ABCs of Horror: U is for Urban Legend (1998)


Filling in on this one, so I am going to be brief and the only film I can remember with the title starting with the letter U is Urban Legend.  There are others, The Unborn is a shit show, Unfriended I have never seen.

Keeping with the late 1990s theme of teenagers in danger and a couple of teens who are nuts, Urban Legend wasn’t a bad movie, at the time.  A lot of young actors, who have bigger names now were in the movie, Jared Leto the most notable, but Tara Reid and even Danielle Harris are in this one.  Brad Dourif makes an appearance as well and some guy named Robert Englund.

Urban Legend starts out with a girl getting attacked at a gas station or so she thought, turns out he was trying to warn her about the person in the back seat of her car.  It was an entertaining way to start the movie, beyond that, it follows popular urban legends we have all heard and falls into a “who done it” type movie.  But the ending is actually very good and very different, but familiar, I will not ruin it for anyone.

Yeah, this one is better than I Know What You Did Last Summer, but not as good as Scream.  It gets a bad rap I think, most of the late 90s teen horror movies do, but overall, I like Urban Legend.  I did stay clear of the sequels, Final Cut and Bloody Mary.  For no other reason than availability.  I would watch them if I had the chance, I guess I could buy them.

Sorry, I had to throw this together fast, I would watch this movie and I actually may watch it this evening, you should too.  I mean, if you have it available to you.

Tomorrow, is the letter V and Bryan should bring us something interesting, we can hope anyway.


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