ABC’s of Horror: X is for X-Ray (Hospital Massacre)


X-Ray Movie PosterX-Ray, probably more recognized as Hospital Massacre (It actually has been packaged under several names), was a disappointment for me. The entire movie seemed a by-the-numbers slasher, if it wasn’t for the name, I probably never would have bothered watching it to the end. It is still hard to write about because it’s so dull. Anyone that has read my other reviews, know that I am not a particularly harsh reviewer, but this movie felt almost insulting in its execution.

The movie starts with a young Susan playing with her friend, a knock on the door reveals a card from an admirer. Laughing mockingly with her friend, she crumples up the card and tosses it to the ground. Some how, it goes unnoticed that the admirer is looking in the window the entire time. When Susan leaves the room to murder a few pieces of cake (You will understand if you watch the film), her friend is murdered by being impaled on a coat rack. (Which leaves me with a lot of questions considering the size of the parties involved.)

The movie flashes into the future, with a Susan that is the main character, even though it seems most of the carnage barely relates to her. Several murders happen in ways that are meant to be suspenseful, Susan is forced to get naked for a second check-up (The first being the reason that she is visiting the hospital in the first place), and then the murderer is revealed to be the person you probably guessed he was from the beginning.

The more I think about the movie, the more I dislike it, and I enjoy “bad” horror.

So, I will leave you with the only three reasons to watch this movie:

1. You plan to watch EVERY slasher movie ever created.

2. You want to see Barbi Benton naked.

3. You need a horror movie that starts with X.

IMDB: 4.5/10

Rev. Krueger: 2/10



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