Kickstarter: The Living Corpse – Relic

We don’t talk much about comics on The Horror Syndicate, that is about to change.  We also like to support Independant projects like movies, games and yes comics.  I, myself love comics and even write comics.  I know first hand the struggles of getting published.

The Living Corpse: Relics, looks like a fun project with great interior work, the art is eye popping, plus were talking 160 page graphic novel.  Check out the video below, click the link and support the comic.

You can follow support the Kickstarter here!  Get on there soon, these guys are near their goal of 9k, help them out!

Below is everything you need to know, pulled from the Kickstarter page itself.  Check it out!

The Living Corpse: Relics

The Living Corpse rises from the grave in an all new 160+ page original graphic novel by the Corpse Crew- Ken Haeser, Buz Hasson and Blair Smith. It’s also the 10th anniversary of The Living Corpse so we’re bringing you the biggest LC story yet!

Who is The Living Corpse?

Once he was a mindless zombie, but now he is The Living Corpse, protector of the border between the world of the living and the realm of the dead!

What is Living Corpse: Relics about?

The Living Corpse: Relics picks up after the events of Living Corpse: Exhumed. Don’t remember what happened? Grab a bundle that includes digital versions of the entire LC library!

After the events of The Living Corpse: Exhumed, our undead hero has left his job as the Gatekeeper between the world of the living and the monsters that live in the shadows. Now living in a Monsterary in Tibet, The Living Corpse is called back into action when an ancient evil with ties to the Living Corpse’s past rises from the tombs of ancient Egypt.

Also, the young Vampire, Lilith goes on a search for her fellow Nosferatu to see if she is truly the last of her kind. And she might just regret that decision.

All of this as well as we learn more about Asteroth’s ties to the Gatekeepers and we find out exactly how John Romero died!

This is the biggest, most epic Living Corpse tale that is not to be missed.

What the hell am I buying?

The Living Corpse: Relics is a 160+ page original graphic novel that contains a brand new Living Corpse story as well as a ton of behind the scenes material like scripts, character designs and tons of great pin-ups from a bunch of kick ass artists. Plus we’ve got a ton of great extra rewards available nowhere else!

Why a Kickstarter?

The Living Corpse is a creator owned book. That means that we don’t make any money till after the book comes out. TLC: Relics is about 75% done and the kickstater will help us pay the bills while we finish up the rest of the book and to pay for printing.

I thought you guys were going to do a 6 issue mini series for TLC Relics?

That was the original plan but in this age of binging whole seasons on Netlix, we decided to give you the whole thing all at once. What, did you really want to wait 6 months for the story to unfold? Didn’t think so.

What about rewards?

Glad you asked! We’ve got tons of great rewards for those who back the project from stickers to high end, one of a kind Living Corpse merch. Check em out!

Here are some images on the Kickstarter and some interior work!  Kick ass!





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