Review: The ID (2016)


The ID, is a horror/ dramatic thriller starring The gorgeous Amanda Wyss ( A Nightmare on Elm st, Shakma, Better Off Dead) as Meredith Lane. Meredith has a huge problem, her father, who has kept her restrained in his home since she was a teenager. Meredith’s father, a demeaning and abusive old man, is suffering from an aging mental disorder.

He forces Meredith to provide and care for him in their own house. In return, Meredith’s father (Patrick Peduto) insults and abuses Meredith. This is all until Meredith gets a random phone call from her high school love interest (which both the songs during the flashbacks were performed by Tuesday Knight). Meredith’s high school fling then requests to spend time with Meredith, not knowing that Meredith is going through Stockholm Syndrome caused by her dying father.


After sneaking her way in and out of the kitchen, Meredith receives a phone call on the landline from her high school romance again. Ted (played by Malcolm Matthews) begs Meredith to show face again. This phone call ignites a series of prom fantasies. After a hostile confrontation between Meredith and Meredith’s father, Meredith gets in touch with Ted and the two discuss a rendezvous.


Thommy Hutson does a phenomenal job focusing on the raw emotions from Amanda Wyss and Peter Peduto. Coming from Hutson’s previous works (Never Sleep Again, Crystal Lake Memories, More Brains), it was wonderful to see Hutson behind the camera, illustrating his vision. img_0091I can’t wait to see what Thommy has in store as a horror director because he sure has proven to me that he has the “Eye” to make a suspenseful thriller, not holding anything back. Amanda Wyss was terrific and it was awesome to see her on screen as a one woman show.


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