ABCs of Horror: V is for Vampire’a Kiss



Vampires Kiss,

img_0037was directed by Robert Bierman in 1989 written by Joseph minion. The movie stars Nicolas Cage in his finest roll to date.Vampires Kiss, also costarring Maria Canchita Alonso and Jennifer Beals. The movie bombs in the box office but has my heart and will forever have my interest. This is my favorite Nicolas Cage movie it is bat-shit insane and leaves the audience feeling amazingly uncomfortable after watching.img_0036

Nicolas Cage is Peter Loew, who is a literary agent and he begins to go insane when he has a one night stand with a woman played by Jennifer Beals, is a vampire. After she bites him Peter Loew, begins to have a mentality that he is turning into a vampire,which he is not.img_0038 Nicolas Cage is hilarious as he begins his transformation into going insane with remarkable scenes such as him doing the ABCs, putting a gun in his mouth and crying, and talking to himself as he becomes a faux vampire.

With a budget of $2 million Vampires Kiss only received $725,000 in the box office. Nicholas cages so over-the-top that his acting alone made this film a cold icon with his Mick Jagger impersonation in this offbeat comedic disaster. Vampires Kiss is a movie that has to be seen it needs to be seen it is mandatory for it to be seen.

img_0041Some of the trivia includes Nicolas Cage eating a real life cockroach on the set of the scene “every muscle in my body didn’t want to do it but I did it anyway” Nicolas Cage says.




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