10 Movies to Watch Instead of The US Presidential Election 2016

Looking for something that isn’t completely as devastating as the fight for our Country’s leader? Well these titles aren’t devastating as the election but they are cringe worthy, leaving a bad taste in your mouth that you won’t have to suffer with for the next 4  years!


1: The Room
Because nothing says 2016 like destroying yourself slowly with “oh hi mark” and “You’re tearing me apart, Lisa“.img_0230





2: A Serbian Film
Because you’d rather watch something that is the lessor of evilsimg_0223





3: Jurassic Park 3








4:Sex and the City 2
The official dramatic sequel to Hocus Pocus. Nothing is scarier than knowing your going to die and the lifestyle you chose for yourself has an expiration date.img_0228









5: Eegah (1962)
It’s like losing circulation in your leg after sitting on it for an hour and then getting eaten alive by wolvesimg_0225









6:Super Baby Geniuses 2
And you thought the first one was hard to watch.img_0227







7: Terminator Genisys
Remember when something used to be cool until it came back, tired looking and depressed?img_0231










8: Leonard Part 6
Remember when is was acceptable for Bill Cosby to wiggle a hot dog in your face… Me neitherimg_0224

9: Miami Connection
Out of all the chaos in the world, there is a golden egg laying somewhere in a huge pile of 80’s shit movies.img_0233







10: Two Girls One Cup

Because we need to see 2 people fighting for something serious once in a whileimg_0229


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