Bloody Streaming Roulette: What We Become (2015)

Now that the Halloween season has come and gone, it’s time for life to go back to a certain type of normalcy for another 364 days. But normal days do not exist. Not around here at the Horror Syndicate at least and not if we have anything to say about it! This is just another month to the Syndicate. So, let’s keep it going here in November. Can we continue the fun with another game of chance? Last time we played BSR, I gambled on Dark was the Night (2014) and lost miserably. I can only hope that the film I watch this time around to be just a tad more entertaining.


So let’s not waste any more time, spin that shit!


Where did I land this time?


What We Become (2015)

We begin in Denmark, in the quaint and quiet suburb of Sorgenfri. A nice slice of the family pie, with the hustle and bustle of daily life. Neighborhood barbecues and everything. That is until bad things begin to randomly happen. Sickness and strange deaths start the plague the countryside. But the local news stations are only reporting it as a flu epidemic. Soon fully armored military men begin forcing everyone to their homes and start to quarantine the area. What was initially believed to be a deadly influenza outbreak, becomes the beginning of a zombie pandemic. Can the neighborhood team up and keep each other alive? Or will they become an all you can eat buffet for the undead?

What We Become is quite the slow burn.  Slowly building the characters, the tension and ultimately the dread. Families are forced to align together not knowing what they are facing. Running out of food and water the group must explore for supplies and a way out. But the military has the entire area bottle necked with no way out. Moans, loud groans and gunshots can be heard echoing throughout the flick, but we do not see the first zombies until almost an hour in. Which equally added to the tension until they were finally revealed.


The film is subtitled, so you have to pay closer attention. Which I believe helps in keeping the viewer engrossed with all that is happening. Despite this, the acting is very good. Felt genuine. The score to the film is very minimal with a few synth tracks for ambience. But ultimately the movie needs no music, the fear is already there.

Do not go into this movie expecting to be wowed. What We Become does not explore new territory. This movie doesn’t show us anything we haven’t seen before. The narrative isn’t fresh, well to be honest the narrative is so un-fresh that it’s borderline stale, decayed or undead. So, those aspects may be the films only downfall. The ending is very bleak and chilling. So, kudos on that. If Zombies are your thing, this is a good Zombie movie to sink your teeth into.



I’m feeling awfully lucky after my last spin of the wheel!!!!

netflix roulette


Whew! Feels good to win again!


IMDB: 5.8/10

ZombiSurvivor: 7.2/10



Stay tuned next week boils and ghouls as I try and tackle the roulette wheel again!




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