Horror Short: The Sound Of Fear

I literally just discovered this AMAZING short film, but I had to share it with you all immediately!

Besides horror, another thing I am very interested in is American Sign Language, and Deaf culture. I have always been interested in asl, but didn’t take an actual class until my senior year of high school in 2013. The class confirmed what I already assumed, that I would want to keep studying the beautiful language and culture surrounding it, and some day become fluent in American Sign Language. I’m definitely no where near accomplishing this goal yet. Obviously, whenever I find shows, movies,etc that have incorporated the language and included Deaf characters in their stories, I become obsessed with them. It’s even more exciting when I find those things fall under one of mine, and all of you guys’ favorite genres, horror. This is why I  loved Mike Flanagan’s Hush probably even more than every other horror fan did.

I came across this short because the main actress in it, Sandra Mae Frank, was in the Broadway revival of Spring Awakening last year. Unlike the original production, the revival included a cast that full of hearing, AND Deaf actors, who signed as the others sang the songs. As you can guess, I fell in love with musical. and every member of the amazing cast. Sandra’s role in this short film, called Sound Of Fear from Red Deer Pictures, is nothing like the role she took on in the musical. The description given with the film on youtube is

“A young Deaf woman is on the run from killers.
A 8 minute sequence from a feature looking for financing. Written and Directed by Colin Campbell. Starring Sandra Mae Frank. Produced by Elyse Katz and Colin Campbell. Cinematography by Andrew Aiello. Music by Robert Gates. Also starring Chiara Aurelia, Kimberly Atkinson, Derek Chariton, Joshua Dov, Joe Fria and Rebecca Larsen.”

I urge you to give this short film a watch because it may only be eight minutes long, but it was an extremely tense eight minutes, which had me yelling at my screen, and left me a little bit shaky with anxiety once it was over.  It very successfully shows you what the feature length film version of Sound Of Fear would be about, while also leaving the door open for many more things that could happen, and leaves you wanting more. Watch Sound Of Fear below, and if you enjoyed it as much as I did, share the crap out of it, so they can get the financing they need to make it a feature!!

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