Review: Night of the Demons (2009)

When I ran Nightfall Unlimited, this was one of my first horror reviews.  I love the original Night of the Demons and is one of my favorite Halloween time movies.  Last October, I joined the Horrible Horror Podcast to talk about this remake, you can follow them on Facebook here and Twitter here.  I was disappointed to read, there was planned sequel, but a Kickstarter campaign failed, which is sad.  The original actually had three sequels.  I would not mind a sequel, this movie wasn’t great, but it was fun.  There is a facebook page, it would have been call Night of the Demons: After Party.  Check it out, it is a lot of fun, but don’t take it too seriously.

This is a review for the horror film that was released in 2010 starring, Shannon Elizabeth, Monica Keena, Edward Furlong and Diora Baird.  Not the 1988, somewhat classic, this is the remake.  I am not sure, but Night of the Demons, the original, never really gets mentioned in horror cirlces.  It has all of the elements of a good ole 1980’s horror film.  I saw this sitting in my queue on Netflix and decided it was time to try it out.

First, let me describe this movie a little.  There is a back story about a lady 85 years before the story who invited six friends over for dinner and she was found dead and the others never found.  Flash forward 85 years and Shannon Elizabeth is throwing a Halloween party in the old house.  The cops bust the party, but six people are stuck inside the house with Shannon Elizabeth, who is now possessed by a, you guessed it a demon.  Now she has until sunrise the possess the rest of the people so the demons can escape and tear the world apart.  That pretty much sums up the movie.  Are you ready to know what I think?

night_of_the_demons_2009I went in with little expectations of this movie and succeeds in those expectations.  Somethings I found interesting, Monica Keena is supposed to be this regular girl, with two friends who have huge boobs, Diora Baird and Bobbi Sue Luther or maybe Boobi Sue.  Thing is Monica Keena has pretty big boobs also.  Anyway, another thing, why cast Edward Furlong, sure he was great in T2 and a few other movies, but now he looks just awful.  He has gained a lot of weight and his acting seems to be, worse.  I used to like Furlong a lot, but he was aweful and looks terrible.  Shannon Elizabeth, does anyone even remember who she is, yeah Nadia from American Pie series.  She goes back to her roots in this one, B horror films.

As for the movie itself, well, it wasn’t very good at all.  The acting was less than stellar and the make up and effects were completly out of the 1980’s.  There were things about the movie I did like.  Some of the songs played during the film are good songs, in my opinion anyway.  Concrete Blonde and Type O Negative were both featured, made the movie a little better.  But really there was no saving this one, I mentioned make up.  Some of the make-up designs, I think I saw them at the Halloween stores.  One thing I enjoyed was the ending and Monica Keena, SPOILER!!!  she runs out of a window with a rope around her neck and you think she kills herself, then she shows part of the rope was tied behind her back and she lives.  Something about Monica Keena, she looked good to me, I mean really good.  But in the back of my mind I keep thinking about how she looked during the interview for Never Sleep Again, a documentary about the A Nightmare on Elm Street series.


So thats it, this movie does not make it onto my Top 100, hell the original does not either.  Is it worth watching?  No, I don’t think so, unless you are looking for something not very good and you want to see Diora Baird stick lip stick into her nipple and pull it out of her vagina.  Then when she becomes a demon she had some kind of nipple ropes, you know what don’t bother watching, nah check it out. has a rating of 4.7

I give it a solid 5.0 overall.



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