UPDATE: Suspiria Reboot

According to sources, the Suspiria reboot will be honoring the original film by taking place at a Berlin dance academy in 1977. Also Jessica Harper will be returning as one of the owners/instructors at the academy. Harper, who was the main protagonist in the Dario Argentino’s classic may return as a villain this time. Director Luca Guadagnino ( I am Love, A Bigger Splash) is known for his stylish cinematic features so hopefully we may get a proper Suspiria reboot paying close detail to the time and scenery to Argento’s original.

The plot of the movie has yet to be revealed but rumors have it that Chloe Moretz Grace may just be a cameo as a beginning victim. The movie stars Dakota Johnson ( Fifty Shades of Grey) and Tilda Swindon (Doctor Strange, Snow Piercer) and will wrap up production in early 2017.


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