Bullshit Artist! The Greasy Strangler Review


The Greasy Strangler review the Greasy Strangler directed by Jim Hosking, produced by Elijah Wood is one of the funniest,fucked up,trash-cinema we have had the privilege being release to the entire world. The movie is the epitome of a love child by John Waters and John Heder who came out of the womb, threw up and had all of its grandparents slowly lick the vomit off of the child’s face while listening to Wang Chung’s Dance Hall Days.
The Greasy Strangler genuinely delivers this hot mess of a family comedy starring Michael St Michaels as Big Ronnie and Sky Elobar as his son Big Brayden. The father and son duo run a successful Disco Tour in their worn out town full of weirdos. In the beginning of the movie, Big Ronnie openly confesses to his son, Big Brayden that he, in fact, is The Greasy Strangler. To Big Brayden’s disbelief, he calls out his dad as a Bullshit Artist. Now I’m not going to ruin why Big Ronnie is called the Greasy Strangler, but it does involve a lot of grease. During one of their disco tours, Big Brayden meets Janet, Elizabeth De Razzo ( Eastbound and Down) and falls in love. Big Ronnie, who is upset about the ordeal, woes Janet away into being with him instead of his bullshit artist, son. Did I forget to mention that this movie has a ton of sexual content, old man penis and lots and lots of mutilation?

Check out The Greasy Strangler on VOD right now and enjoy the shit out of this movie! 8/10


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