Jason Takes Manhattan Took my Heart

As we approach the date of Friday the 13th, Friday The 13th:Jason Takes Manhattan is the most overrated underrated horror sequel of all time!

Yea, you read that correctly. Friday The 13th part 8 is one of those movies that got trashed so hard during its release, although for good reasons, but it doesn’t deserve half of the amount of dissing that it has receive. When it comes to plot holes, undelivered expectations, unintentional hilarity


, Jason takes the cake in Jason Takes Manhattan. Friday the 13th part 7 is the worst out of the Paramount movies, in my opinion. I understand that there were a lot of cuts made to part 7 that would’ve given the movie justice but what was released was a hotter mess than Manhattan. Jason Takes Manhattan was in fact a love letter itself to the series and where the series has gone.

Some of the behind the scenes trivia does t the movie justice in it own way! For example , Kane Hodder says ” one of the most fun parts of his tenure as Jason was the scenes in Times Square. Spectators were lined up and down the block watching the filming”, and he didn’t want to take off the mask to destroy their illusion of Jason. He said that every once in awhile, he’d turn his head and look at them, and watch them all go crazy. –IMDb.com

Kane Hodder, who thoroughly enjoyed being Jason, once told the director he wouldn’t do a scene where he had to kick a dog, so in the end the scene was cut out. There is also an Easter egg, Jason Lives writing graffiti on one of the subway car’s posters during the chase in Manhattan subway.

Lar Park-Lincoln wanted a higher salary to return as her character from The New Blood, Paramount wouldn’t cover it so she officially withdrew from the project and the cast themselves voted that her character would be written out of the final script. Speaking about the script, Director Rob Hedden himself wanted to shoot most of the movie in Manhattan covering scenes at the Brooklyn Bridge, Madison Square Garden and the Empire State Building. There is a lot of bullshit that stands in the way of making a successful movie for the fans and Jason Takes Manhattan was a prime example of the cluster-fuckness that happens when a movie doesn’t deliver.

In my opinion though, Jason Takes Manhattan is a fun unintentional comedy/horror with awesome kills and hilarious decapitations. Also check out the original deceiving trailer for Friday the 13Th part 8 Jason Takes Manhattan.

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