Castlevania Series Comng to Netflix

Man, this is a good time to be alive!  I, we have mentioned our thoughts on having a different popular horror video game series should be on Netflix.  This may be the next best thing.  Growing up, Castlevania was my favorite game on the NES and the Super Castlevania IV and SNES.  But, I will probably have to say, I love Castlevania Symphony of the Night.

The news is great, but, not so fast.

This was first reported by io9, and confirmation in a Netflix press release: “Castlevania Season 1, Part 1 Coming to Netflix in 2017.”  That is enough to get me ultra excited.

Adi Shankar said:

“super-violent Castlevania mini-series.”

Netflix has picked up an animated series based on the Castlevania series of video games. The show’s first four 30-minute episodes, dubbed “Season 1, Part 1” by Netflix, is scheduled to be available sometime this year. According to the official summary, the show will follow “the last surviving member of the disgraced Belmont clan, trying to save Eastern Europe from extinction at the hand of Vlad Dracula Tepe himself.”

Being a fan of the series, I’d see a live-action series, but this is a good start.  If it is received well, maybe we can get a live action film or series.  But, being animated it gives this the chance to be closer to the game, with hordes of zombies and other creatures.

What I have been thrusting for a good, horror drama with a deep gothic setting.  The Belmont family going into battle with the forces of darkness to defeat Dracula.  Maybe one day.  You know Animated series can be really great and why not more animated horror?

Here are some great Castlevania game play videos.  The music is so amazing in the entire series, especially Symphony of the Night.

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