Bloody Streaming Roulette: Dead Snow 2: Red Vs. Dead (2014)

As we find ourselves back to tackle another round of my Bloody Streaming Roulette adventure, I have a had a mild stroke of bad luck as of late. I have lost the last two gambles. It’s the beginning of a losing streak boils and ghouls and I must confess, I’m feeling a little apprehension about this week’s game of chance. After the “so called” horror film I viewed in the last installment Dead in Tombstone (2013), can my luck bounce back? I sure fucking hope so, because I am no glutton for punishment.


Dead Snow 2: Red vs. Dead (2014)

A sequel eh? A few years back, I got to see Dead Snow. It was a little independent Norwegian Nazi Zombie flick that was actually pretty damn good. It was self-aware, genuinely funny and had some really fantastic gore! But can Dead Snow 2: Red vs. Dead compete? Historically speaking, sequels very rarely do. So, let’s find out!

Red vs. Dead picks up right after the end of the first one. Everyone is dead, save for Martin (Vegar Hoel). For those who haven’t seen the original, let’s bring you up to speed. A group of hikers cabin up in the middle of nowhere for a week of boozing and well, maybe a little hiking. They happen upon a box dated jewelry and gold. It awakens a cursed Nazi regiment, that will stop at nothing to get their plunder back. Everyone is killed in wonderfully horrific ways, except poor Martin who was bitten in the arm. But he successfully amputated said arm before the infection could set in and escapes.

Fast forward back to the present film. While escaping by car, Martin is attacked by the head of the Nazi zombie regiment, Herzog. A struggle ensues, causing a horrific car accident. Martin is taken to a local hospital. Only to wake up and find he is being charged with all of his friends murders and had his severed appendage re-attached. The catch is, Martin’s severed arm was still on the mountain somewhere. The doctors actually attached zombie Herzog’s arm to Martin. Which in turn gives Martin superior strength and the bizarre ability to raise the dead with one touch (corny I know). Martin’s going to need an army to defeat the Nazi zombies. So, he enlists a group of Americans to help, called the Zombie Squad. Lead by the lovable and forever film/TV nerd Martin Starr (Intruders, Superbad, Freaks and Geeks). Can they stop the zombies in time?

The entire premise of this film is absurd. But the absurdity of it all, is what gives it it’s charm. The situational humor is very well done. Even down to the nerdy clichés and Star Wars references (which I adored by the way). The gore factor was exponentially higher, since we’re dealing with a sequel here. Some really great death scenes, including the poor disabled woman below. Most casual movie viewers don’t like foreign films, but this one was intentionally shot in English. Which I think makes it easier to swallow for mass consumption with the western world.

Does Red vs. Dead hold up to the original? FUCK NO! It is so unbelievable and over the top. But is it still a good movie? Fuck yes it is. This is a late night, have a few drinks with your friends kind of flick. If you don’t take the subject material seriously, you will have fun. There is even a nice little homage to Peter Jackson’s Dead Alive. Pet zombie anyone? I’m feeling much better about this week boils and ghouls!

We have a WINNER folks!

IMDb: 6.9/10

ZombiSurvivor: 7.4/10

Thanks for reading! Be sure to watch our podcast THSLive! next Wednesday to see what my next gamble is!




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