Scream Factory releasing Slither July 25th on Blu Ray

It’s about time!  Where has Slither been?  Finally getting a Blu Ray release and from the right company.  Scream Factory announced Slither Collector’s Edition for a release of July 25th!

Here are the details from Scream Factory‘s Facebook page.

The highly-underrated horror-comedy SLITHER – from James Gunn, Director of Guardians of the Galaxy – will be sliming its way into the Scream Factory fold this Summer! Here are some of the early details:

– Official release date is scheduled for July 25th

– This will branded as a “Collector’s Edition” that will come with a slipcover (guaranteed only for three months after its original release date).

– The Director-approved, newly-commissioned front-facing artwork you see pictured comes to us from artist Justin Osbourn (Lifeforce, Prince of Darkness, The People Under the Stairs) and is arguably one of our most over-the-top designs yet! The reverse side of the wraps will showcase the original theatrical poster art.

– Bonus features and specs are still in progress and will be announced sometime in Late May.

– Pre-order now directly from our website @ which includes shipping two weeks early plus a free rolled 18” x 24” poster of the newly-designed key art while supplies last!

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