Trailer: Annabelle: Creation (2017)

In the midst of the news about the makers of The Conjuring franchise, and their spin offs, the trailer for the second Annabelle movie has dropped. While I do think it looks like a decent film, I already have a problem with it. The first Annabelle movie does not show the true story of Annabelle, as told by the Warrens, that is shown in the first Conjuring film. They created a story about how Annabelle became, before the girls that the Warrens got her from had her. In Annabelle the two main characters neighbors’ are killed by their daughter, Annabelle Higgins, and her boyfriend, who are members of a demonic cult. After they kill Annabelle’s parents, they head next door to the main characters’ house and Annabelle dies while holding the doll that the audience already knows as Annabelle, and a drop of her blood gets into her eye, presumably showing how Annabelle becomes possessed, and where she gets her name from.

In Annabelle: Creation, they present us with yet another origin story for Annabelle. Watch the trailer for Annabelle: Creation, which comes out in theaters August 11th, below, and let us know how you feel about all of this.

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