Resident Evil getting a reboot?

The Final Chapter is in the can and now out on Blu Ray and Digital.  So, with this 6th installment and to me the worst, it seems Paul W.S. Anderon’s Resident Evil series is over.  This is a good thing for fans of the video game series that started everything back in the mid-1990s.  The film series was far away from the game series in story telling.  We would get to see some of the characters we loved from the games as well as the monsters.  But there were too many miscasts and the story itself was a jumbled mess.

News came out of Cannes with Martin Moszkowicz, chairman of the board at Constantin Film, did confirm to Variety that a reboot is in development.

With this, there is no telling where they will go, or who they will turn to.  One of the members here at the Horror Syndicate suggests a Netflix series that closely follows the games, from the outbreak at the mansion in the original game, all the way in to Raccoon City.  I am for this idea and if Sony and Constantin Films are looking for writers, let me know.

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