Our Friday the 13th the Game Wish List

Well, Friday the 13th the game is out and doing well.  Sure there were some problems with launch due to high demand.  I love the game and there are a couple of other members of the Horror Syndicate who play and have fun with the game as well.  As a thank you the people at Illfonic and Gun Media are giving us one of our wishes as a thank you for being a part of the game and being patient with the issues the game has had.  I want to see things from the Paramount movies only, that means Friday the 13th to Friday the 13th VIII Jason Takes Manhattan.

We are getting a free download, two new outfits for each counselor 13,000 CP, Double XP weekend June 23 – 25 and Retro NES Jason skin with retro chip tune track.  Check out the trailer below.

Lets get to our wish list.  Bryan Enright, Jared Letourneau and I have been playing Friday the 13th the game since its launch.  We have spoke about the film series and as huge fans of the film series we came up with some ideas that we think would be really fun to add as possible DLC or downloadable content in the future.  We hope this game has legs and produces plenty of goodies for us fans and maybe even a sequel somehow.  I personally want some kind of story mode of some kind, but there are plenty of other multi-player options I would like to see.

The game is actually pretty large, the maps are a good size and the amount of people in a match, that may be perfect as well.  Jason is a lot of fun and the maps are a good size, but we do have some requests.  We would like to see more maps and more counselors.

USS Lazarus Map:

There plenty of people who would like to see a map of Manhattan, why?  That is a city that would be full of people and just not the best idea.  Besides in Jason Takes Manhattan, he spent more time on the Lazarus.  Between some of the rooms, the boiler room, where you can find the flying V guitar as a weapon, the deck, cabins and ballroom.  This could be a good and different map that I would love to see.  It would also give new and different kinds of environment kills.

With a new map, give us characters that are from the Jason Takes Manhattan.  If you can’t get the actors to sign off, how about a Julius track suit skin or a girl with Tamarra’s science project.  Oh, how can you escape?  How about the life boat they escape in the film, or even the smaller boat from the beginning.  Rather than calling the cops, we get the coast guard and rather than Tommy Jarvis, Julius, not just a skin, but he can actually box Jason.

Camp Forest Green:

Jason Lives is my favorite movie of the series, we have Tommy Jarvis, we have a Jason Lives skin for Jason himself.  I know I am asking for another map, but we have three currently, it would be nice to mix a few more in there.  Camp Forest Green would come with a cabin full of little kids as well, Jason cannot kill the little kiddos.  I think calling Tommy is great, I would love a Sheriff Garris skin, comes with a pistol and why not Rick with his mail order laser site, YA BANG!  There can be a new way to stop Jason with Tommy in the boat in the middle of the lake.

I just think we are due for more maps, three is just not enough.  I think they need to get in to the later movies, the maps we currently have are all from the first three movies.  I don’t know a way to do a New Blood map, but even A New Beginning map could work, along with Demon’s van as a get away car.

Roy Burns skin:

Roy Burns is the impostor Jason from Friday the 13th V A New Beginning.  Part 5 is a movie that is not in the favor of many fans, but it has the same theme of the original film and some of the most innovative death scenes.

With the Roy Burns skin, there would be some pitfalls with using this skin.  His death would be different that Jason’s, he would also be able to slowed down a lot more.  Or just make it a skin for Jason and he can do everything Jason can do.

I will say one thing, I do not think this an unpopular choice, Roy Burns has a small fan base, including me.

Final Chapter Tommy Jarvis:

This may be tough, getting Corey Feldman to give over his likeness if that is what it takes.  But this is another way that you can kill Jason, I am not sure how to pull this off or get him to the camp, but it would be fun if Tommy could come out with the shaved head and hypnotize Jason, Jason drops the machete and Tommy kills him.  I don’t know if that is enough, but getting young Tommy should be some kind of huge perk.  I am not sure what, but it would almost be an automatic kill considering he is the only one to truly kill Jason Voorhees.  I don’t know.

Tina Shepherd:

Jason met his match, but this may go too far.  Tina comes from Part VII The New Blood and gifted with immense telekinetic and precognitive abilities.  She fought Jason and used her powers to stop him.  It was fun to watch Jason meet his match.  I am not sure how we would get to use her powers, but, maybe some kind of last stand option, when the last counselor is dead and Tommy has been called and dead, then one lucky player gets to play as Tina in a show down with Jason.

Crazy Ralph:

Give us another intro.  We see the same intro every 20 minutes or so.  It gets very old and we could use an intro per map.  When we get the maps of Camp Crystal Lake and Packanak, we get two different intros from Crazy Ralph and why not have Ralph’s dead body on a tree in the Packanak map, like in the movie.  That is all I ask, I want to hear, “It’s gotta death curse!”

I think the addition to another cut scene or two with Ralph will be great, especially for those who play the game on random map.

The intros are not important, but for some of us hard core fans of the series would love to see this and others who are tired of the only intro we have currently, it would be a breathe of fresh air.

Pamela Voorhees and Alice Hardy:

Jason’s mom and her killer, come on!  Why has this not been done.  Pamela could be nearly the same as Jason, but a little weaker and only killed by one person.  Alice, she would be activated the same as Tommy.  She would be randomly selected by anyone who has been killed on the map.  Although, you do not have to radio her, it has to be activated only when Pamela is the killer.  That is the only way to play this.  You cannot put on Pamela’s sweater to stop Pamela, so it would have to be one on one and if Alice wins, pop goes Pamela’s head.

This is my wishlist, with the help of my friends.  We are die hard Friday the 13th fans, who love the game and would like to see it live on past these three maps and the few counselors.  The Jason skins are great and I love they different perks and weapons.  I want maps, I want more characters from the series.





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