Jigsaw (2017) trailer

It’s been seven years since Saw: The Final Chapter came out, and you can add that to the list of movies that claim they are the last of a series, but really aren’t, because this October we’re getting a new entry in the series. The new entry in the series decided to change things up with it’s title, and instead of going by “Saw” 8, or something similar, decides to go by the same name as the infamous killer from the series, Jigsaw. The first trailer for Jigsaw was finally released, and shows detectives puzzled by the reappearance of a killer who has been dead for years. Will they solve their mystery in time to save some victims from the horrible traps the killer places them in? Watch the trailer below, and decide whether or not you’ll be adding “see Jigsaw” to your list of plans this Halloween season, in theaters October 27.

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I’m just your average college student who spends too much time watching movies, but I have a good excuse! I want to make my own movies someday, so really it’s like I’m studying, right? Every October, if there was a Halloween movie airing, then it was on our tv, and those didn’t terrify me. I never saw any of the Halloween films in full until later, though. The first full horror movie I watched was Jeepers Creepers when I was around 10, and the first one I watched alone was the Prom Night remake. From then on out, I didn’t stop watching them. Movies about ghosts/demons and aliens are what scare me most. Probably more so the latter. That alien segment in V/H/S 2 ,and Dark Skies are scary as hell man.