Review: Night of Something Strange (2016)

Oh man…Where do I begin…?

I recently went to Days of the Dead horror convention in Indianapolis and had the chance to meet the director Jonathan Straiton and a couple of stars of the film.  Wayne W. Johnson was super outgoing and all about meeting fans of the genre.  He brought Trey Harrison over so I could meet him as well, ended up with a good conversation, a picture and a signed Blu Ray copy of the film.

I would really like to keep this spoiler free, but in some parts that may be hard to do.

The film begins with a Cornelius a janitor has sex with a dead body in a morgue.  That is pretty much the opening of the film, he returns home to terrorize and change into some kind of zombie monster who has sex with, his mother or wife.  It is very violent and pretty entertaining.  The movie then turns to a high school where we meet the people the movie follows.  The movie follows a bunch of teens that are heading to the lake after school.

Like I said, I don’t want to ruin the movie with spoilers.  I would love to just go over the plot and tell you about all of the fun moments.  I’d really like to just offer this.  Night of Something Strange is kind of like a zombie movie, but the rather than a bite, the infection is transferred…sexually, like an STD.  There are some graphic scenes of sex.  But the real winner in this movie, we all love sex, right.  The real winner is the effects.  I mean, this is a low budget horror movie and while the effects were not great, they were very good.  The make up, sometimes there was trouble, but overall I liked what I saw from the effects.

The story itself wasn’t bad either, like I mentioned before, this group of friends are heading to the lake.  The end up at this motel and that is where the shit goes down.  When it hits it goes crazy.  That is a good thing, I worried the movie would have some pacing issues, but it does not.  You also get to say, “WHAT THE FUCK?!” a bunch and that is a good , what the fuck.

I laughed at a few things and had reactions to a few different moments in the movie.  So, with this bizzare movie, and terrible review I am doing, what is the point?  Well, Night of Something Strange is fucking wild and tons of fun to watch.  It doesn’t take itself too seriously and you can tell it was written to be a fun horror movie.  It can gross you out and make you laugh at the same time.  This is indie horror at its best, INDIE HORROR GOLD!  These zombies, can’t be stopped by a shot in the head.

Sorry for the scattered review, I really enjoyed Night of Something Strange and yes, I recommend this to any fan of horror.  I will admit, it may not be for everyone.  But it mixes horror and comedy and we get a little camp with a few fun one-liners.  Just have fun with the movie, that is all you need to do.

I have a couple of quotes from a friend I recommended Night of Something Strange.

Nick Garber:

Man what did you get me in to with this movie 

I almost threw up a few times, That’s the mark of a good horror flick if I almost puke

This movie is out of control lmao. My new favorite has a rating of 4.8

I give Night of Something Strange 6.6

This is one the thing that attracted me to the film, I love the poster.  It brought me in to a bunch of fun.  The movie is really fun.

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