Review: Red Christmas (2017)


Deck the halls with this slasher/pro-choice horror film directed by Aussie filmmaker Craig Anderson. American distribution and theatrical release by Artsploitation Films, Red Christmas sure packs its stocking with gore and B-rated cheese in the first half of the movie. We, the viewer get a backstory of a mid abortion at an Australian clinic until fire breaks out caused by pro-rights protesters. After the abortion, the fetus survives the operation and gets saved and raised by a hospital employee. We now cut to so many years later where Diane (Dee Wallace) is having her entire family over for Christmas when a hooded stranger shows up to her door with a letter titled “Mother” on the face of the envelope. Without giving too much away, Craig Anderson delivers the blood count in good ole-fashioned slaughter such as splitting a victim in half and asphyxiating a victim with a bear trap. Diane watches her family picked off one-by-one in very creative kills and the movie will hold the viewers attention until the third act. Part of the problem with Red Christmas is the jump from absolute fear to stupid character choices, but isn’t that the case with most horror? Dee Wallace does a terrific job as the hero but the movie falls flat as if the pace lost all of its energy because of plot focus. A shout out to actor Gerard Odwyer (Jerry) for giving one hell of an amazing performance.

I really do enjoy Christmas theme slashers but I think Red Christmas is a one and done deal for me.  2.5/5 Rating

Red Christmas has now made limited theatrical release in the US. Distribution by Artsploitation Films.

August 25, 2017
Los Angeles, CA
September 1, 2017
Chattanooga, TN / Dallas, TX / Kansas City, MO / Milwaukee, WI / Monterey, CA
September 8, 2017
Houston, TX / San Francisco, CA
September 15, 2017
Columbus, OH
September 16, 2017
Cleveland, OH
September 26, 2017
Winchester, VA
September 27, 2017
Sioux Falls, SD
October 13, 2017
Denver, CO


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