Review: Ghost House (2017)

A lot of the time in the film industry movies will come and go, completely missing everyone’s cinema radar. Only to be found years later after its release, leaving the viewer wondering ‘how did I miss this’? It happens for one reason or another. Limited theatrical release, foreign film, you name it. Well boils and ghouls, this especially happens a lot in the horror film genre. But today I am going to give you all a sneak peek glance at this kind of film. One that could otherwise sneak right under your nose and wind up going unwatched. So in staying with my customary screening ritual, I popped my popcorn, cracked open an adult beverage and dimmed the lights.

Ghost House (2017)

Spoiler-Free Synopsis

A couple of love birds are on a sight-seeing adventure through Thailand. Julie played by Scout Taylor-Compton (Rob Zombie’s Halloween films) and her beau Jim (James Hebert, Carnage Park and Psychopaths) are having a once in a lifetime experience. At their hotel, they meet a couple of charming and fun British men. Together they all enjoy the breathtaking scenery of the region, while still taking the time to have some night life fun. Later while out on the back roads outside of Bangkok, they come across a desolate, yet hauntingly beautiful ghost house cemetery. There they unwittingly release an evil and malevolent spirit. Can they put the spirit to rest before it’s too late?

Now for a history lesson. When I say ghost house, it isn’t an actual house per se, they are shrines or memorials. In Southeastern Asian superstition and lore, these spirit (ghost) houses are built as an appeasement to the protective spirits of the land. Often shaped in the form of tiny houses, they are intended to house the spirits that could haunt the premises.

Ghost House was based on a story that was created by brothers Rich and Kevin Ragsdale. Directed by Rich (The Curse of El Charro), their story was brought to life on screen by Kevin O’Sullivan and Jason Chase Tyrell. Together this team spun a frigidly tense story of the supernatural and the unknown, that spell bounded me from the first act. Alongside Ragsdale, cinematographer Pierluigi Malavasi perfectly captured the landscape of the region. From the hustle and bustle of downtown Bangkok to the outlying countryside, showing the viewer how truly beautiful Thailand really is. The visual/special and makeup effects teams created some truly wicked and gruesome scenes that will linger in my subconscious for some time. The entire crew should be commended for their efforts.

This flick was unusual. But in a very terrifyingly badass way. I was not sure what I was expecting from it going in, but it surpassed my down to earth expectations by leaps and bounds. While some of the aspects of this film didn’t tread any new ground, it was the execution that made it feel new and different. The jump scares were not easily anticipated, as I usually know when to expect them. But even I actually flinched pretty good once.

On the surface, this movie starts off like another generic Asian ghost story. While there are a few clichéd moments throughout of course, once we dive deep into the second and third act, it becomes so much more than that. It turns into a horrific journey into the dark and mysterious Thai religious culture. Culminating into a frantic and reckless race against time. The final ten minutes of the film were incredibly thrilling and jaw dropping. It was fucking badass!

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IMDb: 4.9/10 (too low, only 236 views at time of publish)

ZombiSurvivor: 7.0/10


Ghost House released in select theaters and VOD August 25th! Check it out!

Creepy as fuck trailer below!!!

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