The Confession of Fred Krueger (2015)

On the two year anniversary of the release of The Confession of Fred Krueger, we are sharing the movie with you!  Nathan Thomas Milliner (Volumes of Blood and Scream Factory Cover Art) is a fan of horror and A Nightmare on Elm Street and brings us his film.

Inspired by the motion picture “A Nightmare on Elm Street” written and directed by Wes Craven and produced by Robert Shaye and New Line Cinema (1984) Also influenced by the short story “The Life and Death of Freddy Krueger” as written by Jeffrey Cooper.

Nathan Thomas Milliner writes and directs a fan film that takes place prior to the events of A Nightmare on Elm Street.  The film is available below, but it documents a confession of the Springwood Slasher and delves into past.

I did watch the film and as the resident Elm Street fan of the Horror Syndicate…I’d say, yes this is good and does justice to the film series.  There are a couple of call backs to the original film, see if you notice them.  Kevin Roach as Fred Krueger, well I will just say one word, terrific.  I recently saw Roach in Volumes of Blood, and he was very good.

I would like Milliner to spoil me and get Roach back for another fan film about Freddy.  But I want to see him in the make-up and stalking the teenagers of Elm Street’s dreams.  We get a little…slice of Krueger stalking in the film, but you know me…I want it all!

Check the film out and let Milliner know what you think on the Rebel Rouser Comics youtube page.  Let us know on Facebook.


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