Review: Never Hike Alone (2017)


Happy Friday the 13th! Man, isn’t it great to have a Friday the 13th in October? So many awesome treats for horror fans such as updates on the Friday the 13th: The Game and now we have this fan film Never Hike Alone which is based off of the Friday th 13th franchise. Directed by Vicente Disante who doubles up as director and Jason Vorhees

We follow our main character Kyle, played by Andrew Leighty, who documents his nature hikes for social media. Kyle ventures to the sticks of New Jersey, which we know right off the bat where he is going since Never Hike Alone has been announced as a Friday the 13th fan film. We the viewer, sit and pray that Easter eggs are in place and that we aren’t just getting another fan film in a separate universe. The viewers, especially fans of the Friday the 13th franchise get to see an exact replica of Camp Crystal Lake as if the camp ground has been abandoned due to the carnage that wreaked all throughout the 80’s. Without spoiling that plot, this fan film is fantastic and definitely works better than most of the cannon films. With nostalgia in every corner, Never Hike Alone delivers the goods and it’s free on YouTube!



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