Press Release: Motorrad (2017)

Motorrad (2017)

Directed by: Vicente Amorim

Starring: Guilherme Prates, Carla Salle, Emilio Dantas, Juliana Lohmann

Producers: LG Tubaldini Jr and André Skaf

Written by: LG Bayao, based on characters created by comic book author (and Marvel staffer) Danilo Beyruth

Runtime: 92 Minutes

Rating: Not yet rated

SynopsisIn a remote part of Brazil, a group of young bikers is lured onto a remote trail. On it, fun, sex and games become fear, death and a different game, where they are the prey.

Motorrad premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) in September and there is no North American release date as of yet.

Check out the thrilling trailer here!!!!



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