Press Release: Flesh Of The Void (2017) Gets DVD Release!

                               Sodom & Chimera Productions Announces Flesh of the Void Release Date

After a lot of online buzz around the trailers, and the film itself at festivals, the surreal experimental horror trip Flesh of the Void is finally facing a release on DVD, with a very limited additional VHS release.

It will be available through Black Lava Entertainment, one of the most infamous sources of controversial cinema from Europe, with pre-sales starting on February 10, and regular sales on March 9.
The film, being a grotesque and depraved depiction of what the act of dying could feel like, shot entirely on Super 8 and 16mm, first sparked the horror community’s interest when a two minute teaser came out in April 2017, with barely any information at all, in which a certain “fish hook” scene got people talking. Later in June, the first official trailer made its rounds, resulting in praise, comparing the piece to Begotten and the tape from The Ring, as well massive outrage and hate, with people even accusing director James Quinn of devil worship, Illuminati conspiracies, and the film being actual snuff, ending in the recent peak of controversy, when a radical Christian group hacked Sodom & Chimera Productions’ official website four times, trying to take it down (and ultimately losing the battle).

After only a couple of screenings, including one at the prestigious Nightmares Film Festival where it won ‘Best Overall Feature’, it was quickly decided to plan a physical release as soon as possible, due to the high demand.

Both, DVDs as well as VHS’s are also available signed, which you can get by mentioning it in a note when ordering.

DVD Pre-Order:

VHS Pre-Order:

Flesh of the Void Trailer:

Flesh of the Void Teaser:

PRE-SALES BEGIN TODAY 02/10/2018!!!!

Trailer below NSFW! Viewer discretion advised!!!


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