Review: The Lodgers (2018)

There are immense bonds with siblings, but some would say even more so with twin siblings. An overwhelming bond that goes much further than just being brother and sister. Identical twins have spoken of an almost sixth sense with one another. Where they can be in completely different cities or states, but if one of them gets into for example, a car wreck, the other may feel the same pain. Other twins have stated, when they are separated, that they can sometimes see the other twin in their mind. It is this binding connection that we see in the film I’ll briefly discuss today. So, pop that popcorn, grab an adult beverage and dim the lights. IT’S MOVIE TIME!

The Lodgers (2018)


A period piece set in the 1920’s in rural Ireland, a young set of twins share a secluded existence in their families’ derelict and aging estate. With their family trust dwindling down to nothing, the twins are desperately hanging onto the home, because it’s the only thing they have left. That and a mysteriously sinister presence forces the twins to abide by three simple rules. They must be in their bedrooms by midnight; they may not permit an outsider past the threshold of the estate; and if one of them attempts to escape, the life of the other is put into jeopardy. Soon a disabled war veteran returns home to the village from the battle front and he immediately becomes infatuated with the mysterious girl from the mansion none of the townsfolk will go to. This soon drives a rift between her and her twin brother because she is beginning to break the rules of the house. Will the supernatural force exact vengeance on the two?

As some of you know that have read my reviews in the past, I really enjoy a good period piece. Being a history buff, I am always looking at the continuity and attention to detail of the time. The clothing, the vehicles, the buildings. Everything. The Lodgers pulls this off rather easily. Where you see a small rural town that still seems to be visibly burdened with poverty after the great potato famine that nearly destroyed their country killing over a million Irish, less than a century ago.

The Lodgers was directed by Brian O’Malley, who also directed Let Us Prey (2014), which I am a huge fan of. So, you could probably imagine my surprise when I found out he directed The Lodgers, because of the vast difference between the two films. O’Malley did an incredible job casting his actors for the film. Charlotte Vega ([Rec] 3: Genesis) and Bill Milner (Dunkirk, Apostle) were cast as the troubled and secluded twins marked with a dark curse. Eugene Simon (Game of Thrones), portrayed Sean the disabled war hero that will stop at nothing to earn the affection of the mysterious Rachel (Vega). The cast was rounded out nicely with a cameo performance from veteran actor David Bradley (The Strain), playing the families’ trust financial advisor.

The film has garnered some attention on the film festival circuit with 3 awards this year. Winning the Jury Prize for Best Film at the Molins de Rei Horror Film Festival in Barcelona, Spain. Also winning official Jury Awards for Best Special Effects and Best Actress (Vega) at the Fancine Festival de Cine Fantastico de la Universidad de Malaga in Malaga, Spain.

The Lodgers surprised me. I really fucking enjoyed it. A truly visually stunning gothic entry. They don’t make films like this anymore! The first hour was very slow burn, developing characters and adding tension to the twins’ already paranoid relationship. Once the third act gets going, the film takes you on a harrowing journey into the unknown. While not a very violent film, it was extremely effective with its execution. Culminating with a beautifully hopeful ending that shows the viewer true love may conquer all.

IMDb: 5.5/10

ZombiSurvivor: 7.0/10

The Lodgers is out on VOD platforms 02/23/2018!!!!

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