The Soska Sisters take on a Cronenberg classic

Jen and Sylvia Soska ( American Mary) have teamed up with Shout! Factory and writer John Serge to create the David Cronenberg’s Rabid remake. The movie will follow a young woman who becomes patient zero and infects everyone she runs into turning them into blood craving zombies! Rabid will be produced by Paul Lalonde and Michael Walker of 40 Pictures ( the guys who produced the christian disaster flick Left Behind) and start filming in the  Quarter 2 of 2018. No word on when production will end but the Soska sisters are looking towards a theatrical release.

Now is a perfect time to showcase film from female directors such as the Soska sisters. Taking on a Cronenberg classic such as Rabid should be an extreme task but not as extreme if the sisters were to take on The Fly which won an Oscar for Best Makeup in 1987. I love the Soska sister’s work and I am looking forward to their adaptation of Rabid and I sure as hell will be sitting front row opening night!



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