ZombiSurvivor’s Review: Terrifier (2017)

What a time to be a horror fan! With the Oscar buzz behind us, we can all take on 2018 feeling refreshed knowing that two horror films were nominated for best picture this year. That’s right, TWO! Get Out and The Shape of Water. With Get Out winning Best “Original” Screenplay and the latter garnering 13 nominations and winning Best Picture! That’s crazy. Now, let’s delve into a sub-genre of horror films that has somewhat perplexed me over the years. A lot of horror fans have a fear of clowns. That’s right, clowns. While this fear has eluded me all these years, I can see why some hate the idea of clowns. They are supposed to a sense of joy, of happiness and fun. But all it takes is for a clown’s smile to turn into a frown and then the idea truly does become creepy. Let’s briefly take a look at the newest killer clown film. So, pop that popcorn, grab an adult beverage or two and dim the lights. Because, IT’S MOVIE TIME!

Terrifier (2018)


It’s getting late on Halloween night. All the little boils and ghouls are happy and home, warm in their beds after a night of tricking and treating. But in the dimly-lit streets of the big city, lurks an unassuming clown in a black and white costume with a mini top hat adorned atop his head. He calls himself Art. Two drunk and belligerent co-eds stumble back to their car after a night of tricking with adult treats as they come across Art. Carrying only a trash bag and a creepy smile. Are these girls in for a night they may not survive?

Terrifier was written and directed by Damien Leone (Frankenstein vs. The Mummy) and is based on a character that in my opinion, stole the show in 2013’s horror anthology All Hallows Eve. Leone casted a trio of young up and coming babes of horror for this 1980’s throwback to the slashers of yesteryear. Jenna Kanell (Bye Bye Man), Catherine Corcoran (Return to Nuke ‘Em High Vol. One,100 Acres of Hell) and Samantha Scaffidi (Demon Hole) were all charged with the roles of taking on the crazed clown Art. Scaffidi’s performance really stood out, as she shined as Kanell’s responsible older sister that comes to the rescue.

I am going to reiterate that clown movies are usually not scary to me at all. But, Art the clown (David Howard Thornton) was actually pretty fucking creepy. Where he could go from a dead-pan look on his face to a creepy smile so fast that it could rival Tim Curry’s Pennywise. He did a phenomenal job as the desolate-looking and mute clown. Terrifier is not a ground-breaking flick by any means. But there were some amazing special effects done during the kills in this film. It was quite a bloody thrill ride! Without giving too much away, the ‘man-o-lantern’ and the ‘split’ kills were a couple of the most original kills I have seen in recent years.

If you like ultra-violent and gory slashers that also have killer clowns in them you are in for a treat. If you don’t like creepy killer clown movies this probably won’t change your mind on the matter. I fucking enjoyed this little b-movie and look forward to adding it to my horror blu ray collection. Since Terrifier could be left open for a possible continuance, I cannot wait to see what Art the clown has in his trash bag next time!!!

IMDb: 7.7/10

ZombiSurvivor: 7.8/10

Out on limited theatrical release 03/15/18. Out on VOD everywhere 03/27!!!


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