Rayzor’s Retro Review: C.H.U.D. II – Bud the Chud II (1989)

This article is dedicated to my friend, Mike Lombardo, who says, “Bud the Chud is an instant classic, pure cinema GOLD!”

Also, this is my 300th article for The Horror Syndicate.

I remember watching Bud the Chud, probably some time in 1989 or 1990 on cable.  I remember hearing about the first movie and it was really good.  Watching Bud the Chud in the late 80s, is totally different than watching it now at 37 and being a horror movie aficionado, well…not really.

The movie really sums up the end of the 80s, a decade to that point had the most flair and most horror films.  So, they took a very under rated sci-fi horror film, like C.H.U.D. and made silly, slapstick shit fest in Bud the Chud.  I think this was something that was happening.  By 1989 even Freddy and Jason were becoming shells of their former glory.  But C.H.U.D. II was possibly the worst thing to happen to the C.H.U.D. films and really it should not have been made, or label it something else, like “Shit Box: Bud the Shit Box”

I watched the film and sung a long to the theme song, yeah, I will post a video because I am sure there is one on YouTube.

Bud the Chud is silly, makes almost no sense and other than the word C.H.U.D. being used, sorry acronym, is has nothing to do with the original movie.  The original film had these grotesque monsters and a great plot.  Then something happened, C.HU.D. did not need a sequel at all, especially not the one we got.  I would really like a little doc about the making and why they rapped Mike Lombardo’s childhood.  I mean, C.H.U.D. was not even a big deal when it was released.

It’s not all bad…Wait, no it is pretty much bad, start to finish.

This is my 300 article for the Horror Syndicate and I just wanted to do something and not take it too seriously.  There are so many fun horror films in the 1980s, Bud the Chud is not one of them.  I would love to do some kind of Top Horror from 1989, but Bud the Chud would still not even make that list.

Thanks for listening to my rant and other rants for the past 2 years.  We really do enjoy all of you who read our articles or interact with us on our socials.

IMDB.com has a rating of 3.8, well deserved.

I give Bud the Chud a solid 2.5

I will say one thing.  If ever there were a remake of the original or an actual sequel to the original, Mike Lombardo is possibly the only person who could do the series justice.  1984’s C.H.U.D. is criminally underrated and really a fine film that has some great characters and could actually be a great TV series.  I really don’t know what in the actual FUCK Hollywood is doing sometimes, especially in the 1980s, I am sure Bud the Chud was some Hollywood execs coked out sequel idea.

This trailer is out of fucking control

I knew I could trust Youtube.  Here is the Bud the Chud theme song, listen in good health.


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