You Can Now Own the Infamous Infant from A Serbian Film

Own a Special Prop from A Serbian Film


Thats right, you heard me. Stephen Biro (President of Unearthed Films) is auctioning off the infant doll used in A Serbian Film for $6k. After wrapping up a very special viewing of A Serbian Film that was completely uncut and unedited in it’s original intended entirety, an abundance of props from A Serbian Film have been listed available for auction.

A couple of hours ago, Biro made the official announcement on Facebook-

“Whoa… I can’t believe we pulled it all off. The Exhibition was amazing… the screening was fantastic and… the only thing left is… the AUCTION! We’re still adding some stuff… we hit our limit but this should be a fun and out of control auction. Brought to you by Unearthed Films! The Gore People!

Like a good neighbor… Unearthed is there… LOL

Death and Dismemberment,

Stephen Biro”

Take part of the action and own the infamous infant prop used in that very special scene….



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