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  1. June 4,1982 Poltergeist was released. The movie centers around a family that moves into a house that is built on top of a Indian burial ground . Ghosts start communicating with the youngest child Carol Ann played by Heather O’ Rourke . At first they are friendly but then Carol Ann gets transported into another realm with evil ghosts trying to harm her and the family. The family is having a pool installed in the backyard and the construction workers have dug a hole and this sets the scene for a gruesome discovery . It is raining out and the mud starts to rise and suddenly Jo Beth Williams character Diane Freeling the mother of the family slides into the mud hole and becomes surrounded by human skeletons and coffins rising from the earth.
    Craig T. Nelson’s character Steve Freeling the father of the family grabs his boss in a rage screaming “ you moved the headstones but not the bodies !”
    The houses in this new development were built on top of the human corpses.
    I started to think about all the human remains that were found in Center City Philadelphia , PA by construction workers recently. So many remains were found that they hired archeological inspectors to come to the site to help bring the remains to Rutgers Camden to be studied . Some of the remains dated back to 1707.

It’s important to note that if the remains are 100 years old or more it’s considered “archeological resource “ so the archeologists can help with the removal and placement of the remains.
Weird note : if the soil remains moist and untouched it will create a environment in which preserves the human brain inside the skull . Some of the remains found at the site in Philadelphia contained the brain still intact .
In the French quarter in New Orleans, LA a home owner found 15 coffins while construction workers were excavating for a pool in the backyard . The state law required archeologists needed to be present and that the remains needed to be treated with respect . The remains were sent to LSU for further study .
Another home owner was adding a pool in their backyard and found remains that date back to the 1700’s. The house was built on top of a Quaker meeting house . The bodies were non conformists and therefore were buried in the garden .
The home owner contacted a Quaker representative to give the remains a proper burial .
So the question is would you buy a property built on top of remains ?
I can tell you if a spirit in the house whispered “ get out “ I’m definitely getting out of there!
I’m sure the family in Poltergeist would have advised you not too ! However , what we don’t know won’t hurt us or will it?
It’s been 36 years since poltergeist was released . I’m not sure how much has changed but it makes me feel better knowing that at least some people are giving these remains the proper burial they deserve . At one time the skeleton belonged to someone’s loved one .
This article pays homage to an incredible movie that was nominated for 4 Oscars and won numerous Horror movie awards.
Upmost respect to the actors in the cast who have passed on.
A poltergeist is defined as a noisy mischievous ghost responsible for unexplained noises and movement within a home . They are drawn to homes with young children especial girls .
Some say the movies were cursed due to the nature of the films . Four of the actors in the films passed away . The daughter played by Heather O’Rourke , the sister played by Dominique Dunne, Julien Beck who played the evil spirit and Will Sampson who played the good spirit .
If you haven’t seen this movie check it out and respect our ancestors and their spirits .
“For death is no more than a turning of us over from time to eternity “ – William Penn
Until next time hugs and hisses .


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