IndieGoGo: Mythos: A Friday the 13th Fan Film

With the release of Vincente DiSanti’s Never Hike Alone and the lack of a studio Friday the 13th film, fans have taken matters into their own hands.  Currently, Cody Bishop’s Voorhees is filming and now we has another Friday the 13th Fan film that is looking for funding.

Mythos: A Friday the 13th Fan Film

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In this fan written film, we explore that Jason has rarely faced a foe as resilient as Tommy Jarvis. Though as age begins to take its toll on Tommy, his daughter Angelica will take the reins and face her father’s nemesis in a showdown of Voorhees vs Jarvis. Armed with knowledge never before known about Jason, Angelica Jarvis may prove to be his greatest threat yet. With a unique perspective that taps into a gripping narrative, this film will have you questioning everything you knew about Jason.


We have went out and put our own money into shooting the first half of the film. We wanted to show that we’re serious about the film we’re creating. What we’re aiming to raise now is to finish the film. All our big kills, which are very fitting to the world of F13 and finally to create a fan film story that will leave you speechless at the end. Mythos is going to be a movie you will not want to miss. We’ve shot it on all the gear you’d want in a major film, cinema cameras, drones, car mounts, amazing locations, it’s all there. We are going to deliver the very best product you can ask for because we love this franchise so much.

We’re aiming to have a 20-30 minute short for you guys when we’re done.

Check out their trailer below.

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