Review: The God Inside My Ear (2018)


After experiencing a peculiar and sudden breakup with her boyfriend, Elizia discovers a world of conspiracies, strange voices and horrifying visions.


Plot- 4/5:

What an interesting movie. Typically these surreal, art house thrillers aren’t exactly my cup of tea, but this one was different. Writer/director Joe Badon wastes no time drawing you into this trippy world of voices and visions. After being put in tune with the secrets of the universe, Elizia Cummings’ boyfriend suddenly breaks up with her, claiming he’s found something even greater than love. From that point on, the devastated Ellie is plagued by horrifying voices, visions, and phone calls from a creepy fella known as The Telemarketer. This all leads to a stunning conclusion that no body could’ve seen coming.

Acting- 4/5:

For a low budget independent production (I read somewhere that it was shot over a two week period for around $8,000) I found the acting to be exceptional. Linnea Gregg did an outstanding job playing the shook up Elizia, showing a tremendous amount of emotional range. The supporting cast was equally capable, something not always found in these sorts of productions.

Special Effects- 3.5/5: 

This film was very trippy. There were a multitude of scenes which make the viewer feel like they’ve just ingested some sort of strong hallucinogenic. While it was at some points excessive, none of it was out of place. Those different effects forcefully told the story Badon wanted to tell. Well done indeed.

Atmosphere- 4/5:

Even though it was his directorial debut, Joe Badon did such an excellent job telling this story, that I want to see him do more. The film depicts excellently the dissent of a heartbroken woman into madness. Cinematography, special effects, music, and that acting sets up a wonderful world of psychedelic paranoia.

Conclusion- 4/5:

I had a lot of fun watching this film. As someone who happens to be a little more conspiracy oriented than the average person, I appreciated a plot line involving shady, conspiracy oriented groups and activities. Truthfully, some of those things are what I find most unsettling about the real world. Superb acting from lead Linnea Gregg and fantastic artistic direction make for a truly stunning cocktail comprised of art house surrealism and psychological horror. Badon is onto something here, and I hope he continues to create this type of unsettling cinematic fare.

IMDb: 9/10

BloodSoaked13: 8/10


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