Trailer: Swamp Zombies 2 (2018)

Here is a trailer for Swamp Zombies 2.  One of our writers, Robert Smith has a role in the film.  We will be reviewing both Swamp Zombies and Swamp Zombies 2.

I am have never watched the 2004 Swamp Zombies, but I have heard things about it.  Swamp Zombies 2 looks like a lot of fun.  Check out the Synopsis and the trailer.


The hottest reality TV show in the world “Lucky Stiffs” is about to get even hotter! Contestants from all over the globe try to win big cash prizes and fame by competing on the show against each other and survive the shows “stars” …ZOMBIES!
When all the producer’s attempts to find a renegade contestant have failed, he’s left with one choice…to free Jack from a top secret black ops prison and send him into the show to find them. Jack has the Kung Fu skills to stay alive and get the renegade contestant to the producer…and he knows a thing or two about zombies.


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