Rayzor’s Review: Pool Party Massacre (2017)

I have been seeing this float around social media for the last year.  I have debated on trying to get the screener and oddly enough, I have been friends with the man behind the movie for the entire time.  Drew Marvick is making movies out of Las Vegas and has found a great way to bring a lot of fun into the Indie horror world.


What started out as a relaxing summer day by the pool for a group of high maintenance young socialites quickly becomes a nightmare when an unknown killer begins stalking and murdering them one by one.

Pool Party Massacre kind of falls into line with some of the finest from the 80s and early 90s, like Sorority House Massacre or Slumber Party Massacre.  Of course those movies had a bigger budget, I am sure, but Pool Party Massacre feels like the budget was substantial.  It looked very good and sounded great.  Plus, the cast, how ever good or bad their acting is, was good.

The movie begins with a rich woman sitting by the pool trying to entice the pool boy to, well, fuck her I guess.  But things don’t go her way.  Then, after the amazing opening credits we meet Blair and her friend Nancy, who seeing her parents off to Paris.  From the get go, you can tell Blair is pretty much a bitch and to me, unlikable to the point that you, well I, loved her.  She is a classic mean girl and her friends are not exception, well there is one.  Nancy is the friend that her parents would have rather had and Blair gets compared to her married brother Blaine, played by Marvick himself.  So, seems like Blair has plenty to be a bitch about.  But Blair has bitch friends, who wanna drink and have fun, but not swim.  Bunch of fucking bitches.

There is a killer on the loose in Blair’s neighborhood and it appears the killer’s next target is, Blair and her friends.  But the girls get to have a good time and get some drinking in before the massacre.  One of the cooler things about this killer, he seems to have a tool shed near by.  Which one thing I love, after every single kill, he puts the bloody tool back in its proper place.  Takes me back to Friday the 13th VII The New Blood, Jason kills with so many different weapons, but where did they come from?  In Pool Party Massacre we find out.

Of coure, I am not going to spoil the movie any further because, well watch the fucking thing!  It is really good, fun characters and great kills and it is just a good time.  The title sequence at the beginning is 8-bit like an old NES video game which kind of spoils some things in the movie, but who the fuck cares.  Pool Party Massacre delivers and is 100% Indie Horror Gold!  Plus the final act, or the hell the last 10 minutes or so are kind of…hilarious.  I wanna see more movies from Marvick.

Seriously, The Horror Syndicate is very nice and we love to support Indie Horror film makers, but I gotta say, this has been one of my favorites.  I did not get the screener, I basically blind bought this, I did not even see the fucking trailer, I loved the poster and from word of mouth I purchased the blu ray from 20 bucks and yep, worth every penny.  It is nice to see the 1980s fun back in horror, while there is a bunch of nostalgia ridden Indie horror films out there and coming out, this one stands out with a film like Justin Seaman’s the Barn.

IMDB.com has a score of 5.2, which isn’t fair.

Rayzor give Pool Party Massacre 7.5, it was fun.

Take the chance a buy a copy, for one you would be showing support for Indie Horror and who knows, maybe it will helps us get a Pool Party Massacre 2!  Click here to buy a copy of Pool Party Massacre.  It is time for me to get a Pool Party Massacre Tshirt and Poster!  I got a poster and a beer cozy with the logo when I bought the blu ray.

I absolutely love this fucking poster, it does two things for me…It sells the fuck out of the movie and it screams 1980s VHS movie cover.

UPDATE!  This is fun and you know you have a good horror movie with great effects when, Pool Party Massacre is BANNED in Asda stores in the UK…AMAZING!


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