Hope? Could Blumhouse be the future home of Friday the 13th?

Blumhouse is one of the big players in Hollywood horror.  This October, we are going to see if Blumhouse is the savior of the Halloween Franchise.  Love it or hate it, Rob Zombie’s Halloween movies effectively killed the franchise and kind of sent it spiraling out of control for the list 9 years.   There was a sequel Halloween 3D talked about and in 2015 Halloween Returns was announced.  But soon after, like many tries at horror franchise revivals, it was scrapped.  When Blumhouse announced a Halloween film, there was excitement and plenty of negative Nancys.  But from The Horror Syndicate, we were excited, especially considering The Master of Horror himself, John Carpenter would have a hand in the production.

Since then, a lot of us talked about other franchises we wanted to see Blumhouse save.  Friday the 13th is the obvious choice.  We all know the franchise is in limbo thanks to the law suit by Victor Miller.  If you’re not sure what were talking about, well, read this.

But, there is a spark of hope and yes it is hope.  There are plenty of Blumhouse haters out there, for sure.  But, I don’t get it, a good portion of their movies are very good.  If Halloween is as good as the trailer is and it brings in a lot of money, maybe not Stephen King’s IT money, we could see Blumhouse get more properties or work with other studios to produce other properties.

Recently Jason Blum was on Twitter answering fan questions if they used the hashtag #AskBlum.  He didn’t answer directly, he kind of kept tight lipped, but at the same time he could be trolling horror fans.

Trying to get the rights is one thing, because many have tried.  I am interested in this for many reasons.  I think Halloween will be good.  But imagine, Blumhouse could one day house the big 3 slashers, Michael Myers, Jason Voorhees and Freddy Krueger.  It may not happen, but it is something I like to think could happen one day.

What could they do with Jason and Friday the 13th?  Well the 2009 remake has fans mixed, which is strange, I think it is a great movie.  I do not think a sequel to that film would be a good idea.  I have a good feeling about having Derek Mears back as Jason, but that all from the remake.  I also would not go full blown remake.  I would love to see them continue what Paramount started and follow up Jason Takes Manhattan, but really that is nearly 30 years old.  So, I would go with a movie that Jason is out there, he is a legend and just build off of that.  The original Friday the 13th never needs to be done again.  Anything with Pamela Voorhees would be a waste, Jason is the franchise and it would probably piss off the fan base.  I also think it would be great to make the Friday the 13th films period pieces, set them in the 1980s.  Bringing Jason into current time, just doesn’t feel right for some reason.

With Halloween, Blumhouse is skipping over every sequel made.  I don’t think there is a way to do that with Friday the 13th.  I also, don’t know if Blumhouse will ever acquire the rights to the series, but it is fun to talk about.  I have hope the lawsuit will end soon and Blumhouse getting the rights and we will keep you updated on all of that info.

Jason Blum also answered questions about the Universal Dark Universe, Scream and the Crow.  Of course nothing is solid, he was stating his feelings, most were one word or two word answers.  But, he did say the chances are excellent on Blumhouse taking the rights to a major horror franchise.  Who knows what that means?  I guess Jason Blum.

We do have Halloween coming this fall and that is good enough for now.

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