Press Release: Horror-Fix’s short “Play with Me”

Over the last year, I have had the chance to get to know the main man over at  Today we get to show off some official images and the press release for their short films, “Play with Me”.  They were also able to send of some “The Horror Syndicate” exclusive images, you can only see here!

It seems like they have their hands full at the Horror-Fix, a short film and very soon they will be launching a Kick Starter for a game know as Horror Boards.  I have seem a little of this and it looks like a great time.

Here is the info from Horror-Fix.

Horror-Fix Announces Release and First Images from Short Film, “Play with Me”

Horror-Fix: “Play with Me”

Springfield, Illinois — 08/19/2018 Today at,  Creator and Site Owner Ash Hamilton’ announced immediate release of the first images from the commercial-turned-short film, “Play with Me” as well as a planned September 14th release date.

“We are very excited and proud of what has been accomplished in such little time and with such little funding,” said Chanell Hamilton, Co-owner and Producer.
The short, which was originally planned as a commercial to accompany the launch of the brand’s kickstarter, a board game by the name “Horror-Boards”, was made on a micro-budget scale, with a production totally made possible through the generosity of fans and other creators.

A Unique Creative Collaboration

Many amateur actors and production crew, local to the Springfield area, were involved in the filming of this independent short film. Katie Schooley, lead actor in the short, has been in one prior film, which is still in production. Horror-Fix hopes her involvement in this, her second, film, will give her the visibility she needs to be considered for future acting roles.

Horror Boards

Horror Boards is a horror-based table-top board game with the unique infrastructure of being 100% conceived, created, tested, and illustrated by the Horror-Fix team. Creator and Site Owner Ash Hamilton’s commitment to deliver the latest version of Horror Boards has driven him not only to provide a game worthy of a  successful Kickstarter campaign, but has also launched Hamilton into the independent film industry with the short film that was originally intended as the commercial. Horror Boards Kickstarter campaign will be launched Tuesday, October 16, 2018.


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For more information on Horror Boards:

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Here are the Horror Syndicate exclusive images from “Play with Me”


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