Review: Volumes of Blood (2015)

I cannot let my personal friendships get in the way of my reviewing films.  I somewhat personally know PJ Starks, writer, producer and director of Volumes of Blood.  So, this movie is a giant turd.  No, that isn’t true at all, Volumes of Blood is an Independent Horror Anthology and it is actually pretty damned good.  Anthologies generally have a little something for everyone and Volumes of Blood is no different.  To break it down, there is a little of everything, haunted items, a satanic text, a slasher and a special energy drink.  One of the best things, all the stories revolve around the same library.


A sociology student and several of his friends gather at the library on Halloween to create an urban legend, unaware that there will be deadly consequences.

The entire feature takes place in a library and as the synopsis says, a couple of students talk about urban legends and are trying to come up with their own to spread through the school.  Each tells a story. A Little Pick Me Up, Ghastly, The Encyclopedia Satanica, 13 Past Midnight and That’s A Wrap!.  Each is very different and are directed by different and talented directors.  Each one is good.  Horror is an interesting genre, where one of these may not tingle the spine, it is kind of a funny tale, to me anyway.  But the others are horror for sure.

To me every anthology has a stand out, one segment everyone remembers.  Creepshow 2, the Raft is the most memorable, Creepshow, well to me Father’s Day are probably the most memorable.  Volumes of Blood has a couple of stand-outs and to me, they are The Encyclopedia Satanica directed by Nathan Thomas Milliner and That’s A Wrap!  I really like Ghastly, it is a nice ghost story that takes place in the library after it closes.  13 Past Midnight is good too, my only gripe is the boyfriend was extremely hard to deal with, beyond that, it is a strong segment.

The Encyclopedia Satanica is one that really stands out, it is creepy and deals on emotion, a lot of emotion.  The main actress in the segment, Kristine Renee Farley gives one of the best performances in the film and the other is her co-star in the segment Kevin Roach was amazing.  Kevin Roach gives a performance that may be the reason he was cast as Freddy Krueger in Milliner’s The Confession of Fred Krueger.   It was very well written and directed.

What can I say about That’s a Wrap?  Well, we need a GIF of PJ Starks slapping Eric Huckisson.  I don’t really wanna give too much away, but we get to meet the character only known as “the Face”.  PJ loses his temper and just makes me laugh each time.  But, it also plays as a slasher flick, with a couple of twists.  I love this segment, for those who don’t know PJ Starks is an Addy Award winner…Bring your “A game, not your “ass” game.

When I watch a movie, horror or not, I look to enjoy myself and I do when watching Volumes of Blood.  It has fun segments, has great practical effects and there are some truly terrifying moments.  I mean, it had to be good enough for PJ and Eric to want to make a sequel and a third on no less.  Check it out. has a rating of 4.8, that is not fair

I give Volumes of Blood a 6.4, it is a good Indie flick and brings Anthology love back to the genre.

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The transfer is great looking and sounds very good.  Those who love this film will want to get the blu ray.  The DVD is pretty bare bones, almost no special features.  The blu ray is packed with features.  I am pretty happy with the blu ray release.  Volumes of Blood: Horror Stories is on blu ray now, but I am hoping Scream Team gives it the STR treatment.


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