Severin Films: Anthropophagous and Absurd Coming to Blu Ray Sept 25

This looks like a great bundle for any fan of video nasty or Joe D’Amato.  I hate to say, I have not seen these, but the trailer has me convinced Anthropophagous and Absurd belong in my ever growing collection.  I have got to see these movies!  What about you.  This is from Severin Films’ Facebook page.

From Severin Films Facebook page:

The news is out! Our next releases are the nasty Joe D’Amato classics Anthropophagous and Absurd. Each features a new 2K scan of the uncut film, plus loads of new bonus features! The Man-Eater Bundler includes a double sided Video Nasty slipcase for both movies, plus an Absurd CD Soundtrack, Anthropophagous Monster & Joe D’Amato Enamel Pins, Anthropophagous T-Shirt, as well as a very special Limited Edition Anthropophagous Toy Plush Doll! Let’s chew some guts!

This bundle is out of control!  I mean, for a big time fan, this is for you.


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